a lighthouse.

Get total clarity on how to scale your real estate business in the modern world— with a compelling social media presence.

The Social Agent Academy Program

Conditioning, Training & Launchepad

If there’s ever been any confusion around how to position
yourself on social media, I see you. I didn’t even have an
Instagram account before jumping into real estate. If you’re sick
of feeling overwhelmed or like you’ve fallen too far behind to
catch up in terms of creating, polishing, let alone presenting your
personal brand, this program is intensive without being daunting.

Learn tactics for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn,
ManyChat, and all things Personal Branding so that anywhere
someone looks, there you are. Learn how to avoid major costly
mistakes, market yourself efficiently without breaking the bank,
bespoke strategies literally no one else is talking about, and
more. I spell it out step-by-step with click-along tutorials for the
highest-converting strategies so that you simply cannot fail.
Together, we got this.

the (re)education program

A modern take on real estate 101

Positioning ourselves is how we get clients. Being good at our job is
how we close deals. This course revisits the essentials so that you can
hone your craft. We don’t want to skimp on skills- we owe it to
ourselves and our potential buyers to be the best agent we can be.

Think proven strategies that work in every single market, how to farm
communities, nurture your past, present, and potential clients,
generate leads, leverage your success to build even more growth,
follow- up, and seal the deal.

Video Content Repurposing

A non-negotiable need

All agents need to provide is raw, unedited video
footage, and our team will expertly trim, cut, and
edit your video into a professional, full-length
presentation for YouTube, and repurposed for every
platform, taking hours of stress and time off your
plate. Videos and reels are a huge way to garner a
following and gather leads. Let’s make it legit.

Personal Branding For Realtors

A totally inclusive image overhaul

The way we source new clients hinges on how we come
off as a person, but also as a business. It’s vital that our
personal brand reflects that, but it’s not an easy package
to pull off. That’s why I created my agency High
Converting Content.

We apply specialized, tactical branding systems to get to
the grit of your essence, your offerings, and what makes
you shine, and bring it together with our proven marketing
know-how. Think: a completely done-for-you brand
overhaul for agents’ entire digital and physical brand so
that you walk away with the complete bundle, ready to
present to the world. Consider it your ready, set…. All you
have to do is go.

Overhaul & Launch

Most agents struggle to convey that their quality of service is superior to the
rest. The problem is, when the quality of their own brand image is uninspiring,
misaligned, inconsistent, or simply unoriginal, then it blends in with the
thousands of others in their market.

We not only completely create a unique personal brand for you across all
digital, social and physical mediums, but launch it in a way that will put you in
the spotlight, immediately separating you from competition. Consider it a
nearly unfair competitive advantage in the market. Book a call with us and we
will show you exactly how we do it.

Video Content Repurposing

You may have heard of the $1.80 Method by
Gary V…well, here we do things differently.

His practice of taking cornerstone content and repurposing it into multiple forms of micro content maximizes the exposure of every
video he creates. In theory, it’s the perfect strategy, but in practice,
it will steal time from actually
running your business.

Our solution? Automating the entire process for you. All you have to do
is follow our simple, proven blueprint for recording raw, unedited footage, and from there, our expert team takes care of the rest: editing, graphic design, repurposing for every
platform, optimization, and even posting. If you’re ready to dominate your local market with value driven content that converts, this is the secret sauce to get you there.