I took ownership
of my life,
and got
ahead quick.

My success in real estate is not built on years of labored
door-knocking, cold-calling, and finger-crossing. In fact,
it took a major pivot to get me here, but once I decided
to sharpen my skills in one place, I was able to blow up
my old life and create a new one without limits.

I want to say quitting my successful career in engineering
was not an easy decision, but somehow, it was. I’d already
worked incredibly hard to get to where I was, so when I
learned that every next step to uplevel that role required
dedicating more years of blind training and commitment,
I thought, this isn’t how I want to live. This feels like a
constant uphill battle.

I wanted to build a successful life by investing in myself now, so that the rest of my career falls together seamlessly. There I was, 22, living on what remained from my engineer’s salary, buying my first home. Needless to say, I was unimpressed with the real estate industry and thought, why isn’t someone doing this better? It wasn’t the pure rush of the sale that sold me, it was the idea that I could create a better presence for myself and thus a better client experience than I was seeing the agents around me doing.

I didn’t want to waste any precious time to perfect this. I wanted to dive all the way in, right away, put my peripheral blinders on, so to speak, and master it quickly. The traditional route didn’t appeal to me; I didn’t want to be a traditional realtor forever.I wanted to learn marketing and branding and I did it quickly, through trial and error of my own creation, failing lots and winning lots. For multiple years, I was the top producer at my brokerage, and it was all from social media— not a single cold call.

My passion is now
directed at helping
other agents get there.
Let’s revolutionize the
industry, and make this
easier on ourselves,
and our future clients.
My goal was to be a
lighthouse; we shouldn’t
have to put on a suit and
head out in our tugboats,
exhaustively collecting
potential buyers and
lugging them back
with us.

I’ve trained thousands of agents with zero social media presence change their game to scale to 6-figure businesses, shattered records at eXp, the fasted growing brokerage in North America, and have built a multiple 7-figure per year business,, with 100% of my business coming from social media. We want our socials to speak for us— to be a beacon of light that buyers flock to. Join me, become the light, and streamline your success.

Purple is not actually my favorite color.

Despite my personal brand resolving around purple, my favorite color has always been aqua blue. However, when I got into real estate I wanted to find a way to stand out in a unique, yet tasteful, way, and based on color psychology purple represents luxury and royalty, which was the experience I wanted to provide my clients… so I went for it!

I prefer the simple things over luxuries.

Most see the cars, penthouse and travels and think that I am all about the luxury life. In reality, my favorite thing to do is pitch a tent at the top of a random mountain with my friends and mountain bike all day, finishing with a BBQ and a few beers.

I am from a small town of 12,000 people.

While I now live in one of Canada’s largest cities, I spent my entire upbringing in a small town called Rothesay in New Brunswick where everyone knew everyone. While the slow, laid-back lifestyle was great for growing up, it certainly isn’t a place that fuels big dreams, so after graduating with my two degrees, I had to fly the coop!

I have dual citizenship in Scotland.

My mother was born and raised in Scotland and my great grandparents were actually knighted by the Queen for their service in Scotland. I now have a kilt with the Thomson tartan that’s been passed down for over 100 years. The big question is… when will I wear it next?

I have always been introverted.

It may be difficult to tell as I am constantly putting out video content and have become quite comfortable in front of the camera, but growing up I was undoubtedly more introverted than most. It’s incredible to see how quick things can change when you are willing to get outside of your comfort zone to do whatever it takes to build the business and lifestyle of your dreams.